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ALPACA Trekking/Walking & Farm Visits

 By prior appointment only


We mostly offer our Alpaca walks/trekking during the summer months however we will go for a walk if it is nice weather at other times - Please feel free to contact us for availability and further details or to go on our wait-list for us to contact you when the weather is right. We only trek with small groups (Max 6 alpacas) and are happy to trek with just two (our minimum). We can accommodate larger groups for farm visits or have a few additional people accompany us if need be - Please Note: We do charge for extra people and they must accompany us on the walk or alternatively they can go for a coffee at our local cafe just 2 mins down the road.


We will trek (weather permitting) all year round; However we do not trek if it is raining, blowing a gale or in three feet of snow - We don't find this a particularly pleasurable experience and neither do the alpacas!

In the event the weather is not going to be appropriate we will contact to rearrange at no extra cost.


We try to keep things small and friendly & we won't herd you around or shoo you away! This allows us to offer a leisurely relaxing walk and we can modify the walk according to your needs and preferences. Please call for a chat and we'll see what we can do!


We also offer farm visits so you can meet the alpacas (& llamas) and chill out for a little while (Contact us for more info and to book)


To check our availability it is best to use the website form or email us at

Alternatively you can call but we may be out doing alpacaly things and it may be a little while to get back to you.

Our alpaca walks are available in the following format:


   Alpaca trek/walk Prices

Price £20 per person (1 Hour duration) Minimum two people - but may be able to combine with another group pls call to discuss.

  Farm Visits   Price £10 per person minimum of two people required  (approx 1 Hour duration)

Gift Vouchers are Available for Treks (1 Voucher = £40 for 2 people) Can be personalised and emailed for you to gift

click here to buy Alpaca Trek Gift Vouchers


In this walk we will give you a short (approx. 15min) introduction to the Alpacas whilst we get them ready for you and we'll go over a few do's and don'ts for you to observe around the Alpacas; after this you'll be introduced to your Alpaca for the walk and we'll set off. 

Your walk will last around 45minutes depending on how lazy the alpacas are feeling, and how many photo stops there are you should be able to give them a little feed (we don't charge any extra for that) and have your picture taken.


Our treks usually set off at 10:30am and 2pm however we like to try to be flexible so please call us and we'll see what we can do - during the summer months it is sometimes possible to go on an early evening trek which can be a lovely experience but the alpacas do need to get back well before dark as they like to have an early bedtime ! 


Please contact us for availability. (it is useful if you have a fall-back date in-case we are unable to accommodate your first choice) Be aware that we do attend outside events and Bank holidays / School holidays are likely to be booked up well in advance.


 Please Note:

All our alpacas are trained to wear a headcollar and be led; however sometimes they don't always play along so we may have to swap Alpacas or alter the itinerary at short notice. Likewise the weather can be unpredictable and we'll need to be flexible. We aim to give as much notice as possible in the event we need to cancel and rearrange. Alpacas are very cute animals but even they lose a bit of their charm when sopping wet. As the walks cover fields and rough ground you'll need to have appropriate footwear and be prepared to dip it in some antibacterial solution to ensure our biosecurity. There are always hazards when walking around fields - rabbit holes, pheasants taking flight - perhaps the odd deer - these things can sometimes spook the alpacas (and us !) so be prepared for things like these. Young children need individual supervision (1 adult per child) and we would expect them to share an alpaca with an appropriate adult. Please ask for our full terms and conditions. Remember we are a working alpaca farm and animals don't always do what you expect - please be prepared to be flexible and schedule your time and other activities accordingly!

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