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Terms and Conditions for Adoption of Alpacas
1. We will not offer for adoption any animal which has already been adopted unless that adoption has ceased.
2. We will allow a grace period of 1 month before allowing anyone else to adopt ‘your’ alpaca once your adoption year has expired.
3. In subscribing to our adoption programme there is no transfer of Title or Ownership of the alpaca. All alpacas, cria, fleeces and any other products of the animal remain the property of Teesdale Alpacas.
4. The Adoptive period is 12 calendar months.
5. Visits must be by prior arrangement and at a time suitable to Teesdale Alpacas. We will endeavour to honour arranged dates/times but as we are a working farm there may be occasions where scheduled visits may need to be cancelled at short notice. We will telephone or email to confirm visits.
6. Alpacas are not ‘tame’ as a rule and we cannot guarantee they will be sociable when you visit. As a rule we do not routinely hand feed all of our Alpacas as this can cause behavioural issues; you should not expect to be able to do so – nor to touch, cuddle or hug your Alpaca.
7. Visits must be taken by the end of the adoptive period.
8. Dogs (or other pets) are not allowed on farm.
9. Children (and adults for that matter) must behave appropriately when on the Farm. Children especially must be supervised – Farms are dangerous places. Alpacas can be frightened by waving, shouting, screaming etc. We reserve the right to cut short your visit and ask you to leave should any of your party cause alarm or distress or put themselves or others in danger.
10. WE wish you to enjoy your adoption and your visit(s), if you feel there is anything we need to improve or address we hope you will bring it to our attention.

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