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Adopt an Alpaca


For those people who love Alpacas (and let's face it who doesn't ) but don’t have the space etc. to have their own herd we offer a limited number of ‘Adoption’ Packages. 

All the Alpacas we offer for adoption are part of our foundation herd which we do not intend to sell. Please contact us for a list of available Alpacas (and Llamas!)


We offer Silver, Gold or Platinum Packages....Gift Vouchers for the adoption packages are also available (see below)


Silver - £45

Silver Adoption Gift Voucher: emailed £50 or posted £55


You (plus one other) can come for a guided tour of our farm and view the Alpacas ‘up close and personal’. You can choose which alpaca(s) you would like to adopt and we’ll email you a ‘Pack’ including a certificate and some photos (Photos will be emailed to you to have as screen savers etc.)

You’ll get a Christmas card from the herd and you'll also get a 10% discount on any yarn etc. we produce from your adopted Alpaca (or if that’s not available from the rest of the gang)


Gold - £65

Gold Adoption Gift Voucher: emailed £70 or posted £75


 In addition to the silver package you’ll get a ‘personalised’ Christmas card from your adopted Alpaca and some of his or her Raw Fleece when you visit if available (100g - for those who do hand spinning or felting that's about enough for a medium sized scarf!) ; in addition to visiting to select your Alpaca you can visit once a year to see them with up to 3 other friends or relatives and if circumstances permit there may be some photo opportunities.


Platinum - £95

Platinum Adoption Gift Voucher: emailed £100 or posted £105


Everything in the Gold Package plus an additional visit a year (making 2 in total after choosing) and we’ll let you know when shearing time is planned so you can plan your visits to come along just before or just after to see the transformation (they are like a different animal and it takes a little getting used to sometimes!!)




SomeTerms and Conditions apply to our adoptions. Click on this link to see these T’s and C’s






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