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Must do better, must do better x 100

Posted 9/3/2013

Okay, yep it's been a while since this has been updated, but to be fair our Facebook page is upto date (ish) !


So we've been back to Saltholme RSPB where we melted in the heat but took a paddling pool for the Alpacas so they could cool off a bit - which they always love, just a shame I couldn't get in it too!

Hamsterley Hoppings was good fun again and as usual I didn't get a chance to go and look around as I was prattling on about Alpacas all day.

Coming up this weekend is a trip to Reading to the Alpaca Classic for me and then a very complicated three events in four days - Westmoreland Agricultural Show on Thursday 12th Sept (We are taking 7 boys and girls this time !!) Beamish Show of Agriculture on Thursday 12th (yep same day!) for 4 days so some of the lads will be in residence for the duration of the Show and on Sat 14th we have our local Agricultural Show at Bowes where we'll be in the Wool Tent with a couple of the boys and we'll have some of our alpaca products on sale!!

Early Christmas present opportunity anyone ....?

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Saltholme RSPB Spring Festival

Posted 4/22/2013

We are just back from spending the weekend with four of the boys at Saltholme RSPB for their Spring Festival.. check out some of the pics on our Facebook page. 

We had a great time and the folks at Saltholme were very welcoming and I hope they enjoyed having us there !

We had a good few hundred folk asking questions and they all seemed to like hearing about the Alpacas, we had some Alpaca poo for the little (and some big kids) to try and they went down a treat many said they thought the tasted very like chocolate coated raisins ;-)


Bowes Show and more

Posted 10/17/2012

Time Flies ....Bowes Show went well and the boys behaved themselves again. We were in the 'Wool@ tent along with knitters, feltmakers etc. and the Wool Marketing Board !  Very interesting talking to everyone there and great to be there not just as spectators. Unfortunately there was not going to be enough space for the Fleece Tumbler so it was left behind....Still we hope to get a video of it up and running shortly once our shiny new alpaca shed is finished.....

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Planning for Bowes Show 8th Sept 2012

Posted 8/29/2012

Our next little jaunt is just down the road to Bowes for the annual Agricultural Show...This year we've agreed to take a couple of boys - probably the same two we took to Hamsterley but we'll decide closer to the day.  With a bit of luck we'll be taking our prototype 'Teesdale Tumbler' to demonstrate....more on that later.....Fingers crossed again for the weather. 

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Hamsterley Hoppings 2012

Posted 8/26/2012

A good day was had at the Hoppings; We had a great spot for the boys and the sun shone, lots of folk coming to see them and asking loads of questions to keep us on our toes. Fred and Bowie (Last years crias) behaved very well for their first big outing.  What more can one ask for....

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Hamsterley Hoppings awaits....

Posted 8/25/2012

Getting organised for the Hamsterley Hoppings tomorrow. We are taking 2 boys for folk to see - and a selection of products should anyone feel the need to buy something !

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