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Alpaca Sales and Services


Whatever your requirements we can help and advise, Pets, Breeding stock and also Stud Services. 


We take great care with our animals and want them to go to a similar home where they will be loved as they are here; We will only let our animals go to a new home once we are satisfied they will have enough space etc. to have a full and happy life. In order to do this we do spend a significant amount of time with clients and this will be reflected in the price. Unwanted Vet visits are expensive - you will want to avoid these and spending a bit of time upfront can save a lot of worry, stress and money!


What WE will do for YOU! 

  • We will visit you to ensure your land/facilities is/are suitable and are happy to advise on how to make it so.
  • We will give you training in all relevant aspects of alpaca health and husbandry BEFORE we deliver any animals to you.
  • We will deliver animals to you personally to ensure they are reasonably settled in their new home.
  • We will give ongoing telephone and email support and are happy to travel to you if required to help with any issues - we may have to charge for travelling in some circumstances but will always be reasonable.
  • Nobody has all the answers - specific circumstances vary; We will give advice based on our knowledge and experience and if we feel unsure in any way we will ask our contacts and colleagues and can direct you appropriately. 


What we expect YOU to do for US!

  • We want you to make the correct, informed decision about the animals you buy - please ensure you have thought about why you want these animals and what you want from them; Please discuss this with us and we will help you make the right choice. 
  • We want our animals to be in a suitable, happy & caring home - if you at any point feel you cannot provide this (and we know circumstances can change) we would respectfully ask you to let us know and we'll help rehome or take them back.
  • Alpacas can live for a significant length of time (26 years is not unheard of) & you need to be aware of the commitment this brings as their requirements in terms of care etc. may change over that time.
  • We want you to enjoy your alpacas - the best way to do this is to spend time with them and learn about them; we can help advise on handling and literature, courses etc. 
  • We would like you to keep in contact and let us know if you have any concerns about the alpacas heath and welfare - We would urge you to be very circumspect when getting advice from Social Media. Well-meaning advice given on forums can be unsafe and is often posted by people who do not understand the situation fully enough to make an appropriate judgement and who may have insufficient experience and/or knowledge. Remember they will not be the folk paying the vet bill!



We sometimes have both male and female 'Pets' available - Although alpaca breeders refer to these animals as pets please be very aware these are not pets in the strictest sense - Typically by saying pets we mean non breeding animals.

Contrary to some YouTube/social media videos alpacas are very definitely not house pets, they should not be kept on their own (minimum is three of the same sex) and need the company of other alpacas - this is how they will be happiest regardless how they may appear on videos!

They must not be bought as 'babies' as this can cause significant behavioural problems when they reach adolescence/adulthood and since they can achieve a weight of over 70kg or more you most certainly do not want this.

They need sufficient space - your back garden is unlikely to be enough room unless you own a castle! 

They also need specialist feeds and additional minerals and vitamins to keep them healthy.


Alpaca Studs

We have a number of Huacaya Alpaca Stud Males covering a range of colours from Super Light Fawn (double champion), Mid Brown and a Multi coloured Appaloosa Stud available and a number of their offspring available to view.  


Llama Studs

We have a number of Llama Stud Males covering a range of colours from Woolly Solid Champagne Grey, Multi-coloured Appaloosa Suri and a Multi-coloured Woolly available.  

Other Services


We can also provide alpaca feed (we are a stockist for GLW Aztec Silver Feed and GFW Fibregest) and have a range of other supplies. Happy to give free friendly advice and guidance.















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